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Smokeys BBQ and Grill-Cyber Hub


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349+ Taxes 451 AI 2 Sabji and Rice, 1 Dessert, Rayta, Sabut Dane ke Papad, Kutoo ki Puri, Banana Chips read more
Fio Garden of 5 Senses Navratra Special Thali 999+taxes Per Person Fruit Chat, Aalu Setafal ki Sabji, Malai Panya or Rice, Kutto ke Aate ki Poori, ... read more
Kasbah-Zaffran Navratra Special Thali 500++ Taxes 627 AI Sitafal ki Sabji, Sakargandhi Chat, Sweet Potato, Sahi Paneer, Alu Bhaji, Sabutdane ki Kheer, Varat Rice, 2 ... read more
Made in Punjab Navratra Special Thali 500+ Taxes 620 AI Salad, Kuttu ki Poori, Swarn Chawal, Misti Dhi, Jeera Aloo ki Sabji, Paneer ki Bhuji, Fruit ... read more
Mistral Navratera Special Thali 415+Taxes 536 AI Alu Tomato ki Sabji, Kaddu ki Bhaji, Raita, Sabut Dana Kheer, Mix Salad with Fruits, Kuttu ki Puri. ... read more
Navratra Special Thali Punjab Grill Gurgaon 495+Taxes 643 AI Fruit Salad, 3 Dessert, 2 Kuttu ki Poori , 2 Sabji Paneer and Arbi, Plain Curd. read more
Try our no onion and garlic menu this Navratri! read more
Navratra Special Tipu Sultan Navratra Thali Paneer Wrap, Chatpati Tikki & Sabutdana Rabri read more
The Good France at Olive Qutub France comes calling to Olive Qutub. 10 days of magnifique cuisine, culture and great conversations. Bienvenue. March 19 - March 28 read more
Delicious Vegetarian Fare Mushroom suimono shot, Rock corn tempura, Grilled tomato and scamorza, Teriyaki galazed artichoke and tofu, Wok tossed exotic teppan vegetables, Udon noodles with ... read more
The delicious vegetarian 8-day menu of Olive. Inspired by spring, the Mediterranean, and the earth. The Veg Specials Menu at Olive Qutub March 21 - March 28 read more
Enjoy Great Live Music with Great Food and Desserts. SUFI Music Details-: WED,FRI,SAT and SUN (08:30 PM On Wards) BOLLYWOOD Music Details-: MON,TUE and THU (08:30 PM On Wards) read more
Blissful Tuesdays Every Tuesday 11.30am - 12.30am Unlimited Dimsums and Beer @ 799* read more
A favourite among corporate clients & individual guests equally for its grills & barbecues; Smokeys BBQ & Grill is launching its Bar Nights every Wednesday. ... read more
Happy Hours Mon-Thus 5:00 PM to 12:00 PM Venue: 17, 1st Floor,Middle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi read more
Happy Hours 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm read more
Happy Hours Monday - Thursday 12-10 pm Friday - Saturday 12-8 pm read more
Lunch Buffet Monday to Friday 295+Taxes (395 AI) 1+1 Soup, 8 Main Course From the Menu, 1 Dessert ,2 Salad, Ice Cream, Roti Nan (No Discount) Fix ... read more
Lunch Buffet - Mon to Friday 395++ Taxes (524 AI) 2 Soup,3 Salad,7 Main Course and Desert Kids 4 to 8 yrs 295+taxes Saturday & Sunday Buffet - ... read more

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